Lack of vitamin ‘Sleep’



I was on my feet before 6 o’clock, after younger one was been waking me on every two hours and I had half an hour to take a shower, got dressed after I had done ironing first, threw the garbage, put dirty clothes in washing machine and made some tea ( kids catch a cold again!). Granny stayed with children, because of the cold they couldn’t go to the kindergarten. Mr. P. and myself were on our way to work having casual chitchat, while suddenly hit me – I hadn’t turn of the stove! At this time tea was probably boiling! We left Granny to lull younger one. He sleeps like a bunny – if you blink near him, he will be on his small feet before you say cookie. – Daddy, I forgot completely on tea! Oh my God! – Do you have Granny’s number? – asked Mr. P. – Of course, but I can’t find it in my bloody phone! I’m under the stress – I yelled in panic.

– And I’m not! – Daddy yelled back and stopped the car.

Mr. P. is so much better then me in the critical situations. I’m just hopeless. Like someone take my brain, I only stay still and wait for crisis to pass near me. So, Granny didn’t answer on mobile phone, like I supposed she wouldn’t. I don’t know why she brings it with her, when she never use it anyway.

– Granny where is your mobile phone?

– Oh, here it is darling.

– Great, but you haven’t answer on our call! – Haven’t I? And it seems to me that smth. is ringing. We have the same conversation with Granny over and over again. I start using my brain again and try to reach her at home. After first ringing she replied! I think that she purposely sabotage new technologies like mobiles, because if smth. isn’t from her era, simply isn’t good enough. And that’s it.

– Yes, I prepared tea. – told me Granny with a hint of reproach in her voice.

– Thank you Granny. I’m relieved now. – I had to bite my tongue not to add – Like you are perfect, yeah right!

– Mommy, you really need to start using some vitamins. – said to me Daddy.

– Yeah, like vitamin Sleep – look in my eyes told him that it would be better to shut up now. So he did.

Mommy hasn’t got a clue

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