Simple life pleasures on which mommies can forget


It’s funny how we take for granted some simple life pleasures  when they are available to us. Here are some of them:

– sleeping all night long without interruption

– possibility to stretch out across your bed , without crowd in it

– that nobody uncovers you each 5 seconds all night long

– that nobody screams on your ear , until you bring water ( and put an end on your sweetest dreams )

– to make happy your stomach with delicious food when you’re hungry

– to be able eating slowly, enjoying in every tasty bite

– to leave your house whenever you want

– to go out after 7 pm

– to visit some cultural event

– to enjoy in silence

– to be lazy and do nothing without feeling guilty

– to spend money each month on beauty treatments

– to enjoy in long bathing

– to have more than 5 minutes for beautification when you go out

– to prepare meal on peace

– don’t have a need to secure your refrigerator when you put cake in it

– to relax with some nice book or movie

– to use toilet without visitors who want to know what is it mommy exactly doing 🙂

– to associate with your Mr. Husband in a relaxed manner when your kids finally fall asleep in case that remain energy for that stuff

– to do anything alone and on peace

Mommy hasn’t got a clue

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  1. Mommy hasn't got a clue

    Thank You for commenting super mom! Sorry, didn’t mean to call You that ;))) (rleeosborn is mom from the blog Don’t call me super mom 😉 )

  2. rleeosborn

    Lol, all right on!

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