Reminder for dadies: Don’t kill yourself from work – your boss won’t cry after you when you’re gone, but your kids will



This post is dedicated to all of you responsible, good fathers who work very hard for well of your families.

We are all sucked into vortex of consumer fever in which is forced the rule that person is evaluated by amount of money which gain, not by quality of their character. Adults are seduced with all that shiny stuff and we forget that there is something more powerful than any material object. Something which only children can see clearly and is free. That is love. Parents are worried if their child doesn’t have expensive pair of sneakers, because other kids have. Daddies work day and night to provide new clothes and toys for their little ones, so that they can fit into majority. Don’t you know that your son or daughter doesn’t need all that pretty toys? Anyway, kids play best in the mud and who needs all that new outfits for playing in nature. 🙂

Daddies – drop that load of worries in front of your house and hurry up to hug your family. They all desperately need your attention. Best medicine for your exhausted body and soul are that shine smile which illuminates your kids face when they see you on the doorstep. 😉

Mommy hasn’t got a clue


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