Mothers do yourself a favour – be selfish from time to time


When woman becomes a mother entire world, even she at the beginning forgets that below of ‘Mother’s skin’ still breathe ‘Woman’ which has her own needs that have nothing to do with her children. Why mothers feel guilty if they ‘steal’ a little time from motherhood and spend it on resting and enjoying in tiny female pleasures?

After I gave a birth to my elder son, something clicked in my head and I suddenly thought that I need to turn into a super woman. My house was cleaner than a chemist’s, my family enjoyed in a delicious, home-made food every day, I jumped on every wink of my baby, even my dog was satisfied. I mastered multitasking. Juggled between house works and a baby like a real pro. In my job description of a housewife I could add even mowing of the lawn.

Did I have  time for resting? Of course not! I had to bake cakes every day, prepare food for my baby and separately for other family members and on top of that I nursed my son. I rarely used opportunity to take a nap while my son was sleeping, regardless that I knew that he would awaken several times during the night. I didn’t want to waste time on me – I looked drained with a messy hair, my weight was lower than ever, because I hadn’t time to eat (I used to grab something in passing) and I smelled like a bodybuilder after a long workout. On top of that I produced less milk every day and that made me nervous. Everybody went on my bloody nervous. I snapped on my husband for no reason. I have blurred memories on that first months after I became a mom, because I moved like a robot through my days without taking a pause and just enjoy in being mom. I wasn’t satisfied and my family felt my stress.

I hadn’t option but to slow down after second birth. Every mommy who has two little kids know how much dedication they demand. If you don’t take a rest you won’t have energy to finish your day.You need to be more selfish because of a happiness of your family. Yes, you’re a mom, but you’re a woman too and you have your own needs. So do something for yourself without a guilt. Children can survive with daddy for an hour or two, while you’re in a beauty salon or in the shopping with your friends or just resting in your empty bed 🙂


Mommy hasn’t got a clue

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