Mommy’s drops of wisdom


Cocktail for a good day: Get up before sun is up, loosen your body with some light exercises and nourish your spirit with cheerful thoughts.

Virtues that you want your child posses, first you need to find in yourself.

Be the wind behind your children’s back and let them decide how high they like to fly.

We can name some error mistake only if we repeat it over and over again. Corrected mistake is one step forward to solution.

Virtues that you want your child posses, first you need to find in yourself.

If happiness depends on fortune, fame, health, love than rich people would never cry, healthy ones would always have smile on their face, those ones in love would never have broken heart. Don’t allow that your happiness depends on others. Improve your life day by day, because life doesn’t have a reprise.

You can tear out flower by force, but his root still remains in the land from which it sprouted.

When we use our talents for common well we start to feel completely fulfilled.

When you’re not sure if you made right decision, silence the world around you and listen to your heart. In case that the choice is wrong it will answer you with anxiety. If you chose right direction you’ll feel relief.

Everybody posses inner power for making a better tomorrow for our kids.

Don’t be afraid of judgment of others – live a life by your own rules.

Build your daily routine around people and things who are source of inspiration for you.

If you don’t get it what Sisyphus was doing, become a housewife on one day.

When you feel the urge to correct other people’s flaws, remember that you have full hands of your own.

It’s easy to criticize others, but it demands a lot of courage to stay behind your beliefs and to be exposed to criticism.

Celebrate your birthday. Celebrate the day when you inhaled the air for the very first time and when your parents got the most beautiful gift – you. Invite your friends on birthday cake and tell them to donate money for healing some child who needs it instead to buy you gift. That way you will help someone to prolong a life by celebrating your own. At the end you all will be winners.

It’s better to taste defeat, than not to try at all.

You can be successful in any area if You posses two main ingredients – belief in yourself and totally dedication to your dream.

Our conscience is our the most severe judge.

The goal isn’t so much important like the things we learn while we’re trying to accomplish it and the person we must become if we want to succeed.

You cannot expect to be full of confidence if you run from your fears all the time. The key lies in moving toward them.

It doesn’t matter if everyone else give up on you, until you believe in yourself.

Never close doors with kick of your foot. You never know if you’ll need to knock on them again.

Sweeten every your conversation with kind word and pretty smile. Maybe you’ll accomplish your goals faster with rough attitude, but it will leave you with bitter taste in the mouth.

Beautiful life begins with a beautiful thoughts.

People who accomplished their goals will never have the urge to destroy your dreams. Do not give up because of those who are afraid of flying.

Remember – brick by brick and you can build entire city if you have enough motivation, courage, persistence and love in your heart.

You don’t like our big world like it is? Too dirty, dangerous, corrupted? Then create Your own little planet which will be cleaner, happier place for living and share it with the people you appreciate and love.

Dear mommies be yourselves the best friend – take a few minutes daily to relax and be on your on. And remember happy mommy = happy family.

Don’t feel desperate if you don’t fit in the crowd – world needs you exactly like you are, not one more copy.

Mommy hasn’t got a clue


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