Why fighting with your brother/sister isn’t necessary a bad thing



Although your first thought might be “What good can result from fighting with anybody, not to mention your brother or sister?”, don’t judge my opinion before you read all the article 🙂 First, my intention isn’t to propagate a violence in any form. When I write ‘fighting’ I mean on innocent, childish arguing about insignificant things for adults , but which are a huge deal when you’re just a kid.

Second, I’m writing from the angle of person who is an only child in my family and didn’t have an opportunity to argue with other kids in my home. Of course, I had many friends but that wasn’t the same. Why? Because your brother (unfortunately 🙂 ) won’t leave anywhere if you punch him because you want to play with his toy and he, of course, has some trouble to let you :). Other kids will turn you back if they don’t like how you treat them. My two boys are in the age when they scramble about toys or who will sit in mommy’s lap or put on mommy’s slippers 🙂 Yesterday they argued about simple rock which they pick up in the yard. I try not to interfere to much, I react only when I see that they could hurt each other.

What children can learn from these fights?

– they learn how to share stuff and not to be selfish

– how to defend their attitude

– how to manage a conflict situation

– that you can have a different opinion from others and still like them

– how to forgive and say sorry

– how to protect themselves physically

– learn to say no

– they expand their vocabulary

– they don’t afraid to be criticized

Like an only child I miss all these benefits now when I am a grown woman. God knows how many times I accept to do something when I only want to say no. Still yet, arguing with others is source of a huge stress for me. Often, I hide my real opinion, because I’m afraid that others won’t like me if I have the opposite opinion from them. Deep inside us is nestled child which we used to be. That is why it is so important to prepare that future adult on situations that are not so pleasant and are inevitable. And who can be better coach than your unbearable brother or boring sister? 🙂 So, don’t forget to thank them for this great gifts.

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