Cream soup with leeks


  • 1 leek 
  • 1 bigger potato 
  • 200 ml of vegetable broth 
  • 1 teaspoon of salt 
  • 2 spoons of oil 
  • a little bit of pepper 
  • 15 gr of basil 
  • 600 ml of water 


  • Fry finely chopped leek on oil.
  • After that add diced potato, salt vegetables and pour with vegetable broth. 
  • Add water and continue with cooking for about 30 minutes.
  • When potato is cooked, everything blend with a hand blender, flavor with a basil and cook another 4-5 minutes.

Enjoy your meal!

Recipe prepared for blog Vesna Smolović, graduate gastronome.

Vesna: ‘My goal is to approach with dedication to spirit and body. It is important to me to do activities which are creative and make results. From the same reason one part of me is a culinary creative person and the other part is an HR person.’