Sushi with algae nori



  • 150 gr integral rice
  • 3 leaf of algae nori
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 200 gr mixed vegetables
  • 10 g salt 
  • water for cooking rice and mixed vegetables


  • Pour approximately 750 ml of water in the pot and salt it.
  • Then put a vegetable mix in a salted water and cook for about 10 minutes.
  • Put the cooked vegetables in the colander, rinse it with a cold water and let it cool down while preparing the rice.
  • Put 600 ml of water in the second pot, and then add an integral rice.
  • Cook rice 17 minutes, then remove the pot from the stove and be sure to cover it.
  • Leave the closed pot with cooked integral rice for 17 minutes, and then decant the rest of the water if rice hasn’t soaked it up.
  • Spice rice with a soy sauce and let it cool down a little bit.
  • Once the rice and the vegetable mix have been cooled, put a leaf of nori algae with a bright side down, preferably on a bamboo pad (algae can be also wrapped in an aluminum foil).
  • Fill the algae leaf with 1/3 of the rice, leaving about 2 cm of empty space on one side of the algae, in order to make it easier to curl.
  • Put a mixture of vegetables on the rice by making a line along the rice, 4 cm from the edge of the rice.
  • Close the leaf and form algae into roll.
  • Edge the algae glue with a few drops of water.
  • Repeat the process with other algae leaves.

Note:  Algae nori has a specific flavor, so most people do not like it when taste it for the first time, but for those who prefer stronger tastes it’s the right thing.

For the blog recipe prepared Vesna Smolović, graduate gastronome.