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Big hug to all of you who are reading this! My name is Svjetlana. This is an old Slovenian name for a woman which signify the one who illuminates, shines. I don’t know is it because of my name or not, but I always see the bright side of the life. Maybe it isn’t the most prudent way of thinking, but certainly it makes a life more colorful.

I am not a professional psychologist or a pediatrician, just an ordinary mom of two boys who shares her own point of view about the topics of parenthood. Apart from being a mom I like cooking, reading, traveling and living a life with purpose. All about it you can read on my blog page. Blog is written in English and Serbian language.

We all look for meaning in our life. When we discover our purpose and how we can help to improve other people lives we are on the right way to feel serenity, which is the only thing apart from love we cannot buy with money.

Hope that I’ll succeed to bring in at least a little inspiration, beauty and wisdom into your world through this blog. Thank you for following me 🙂


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  1. inspirativka


    I am glad you are in a blogger’s word. I read little stuff from your blog and I am very delighted with the passion you share with us and within the word. Also, I am glad you write in both languages. The blog is stylish. 🙂 I really enjoy!

    1. Mommy hasn't got a clue

      Thank You 😉 I like to read blogs who have appealing design and of course good content. I try to achieve the same results here 😉 I am pretty new in the world of blogs and have a lot to learn. I see that your blogs are fresh too, I read and follow both. I wish you success with them 😉

      1. inspirativka

        Thank you Mommy hasn’t got a clue. Your title is unique. i like it. I am newbie, too. I am doing my best. So I hope the results can’t missed if you do the best you can. 🙂

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